YAG: Your Acronyms Guide


ADD: Attention Deficit Disorder

ADHD: Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

ASC: Autism Spectrum Condition

CAMHS: Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services

CCG: Clinical Commissioning Groups

EHCP: Education, Health & Care Plan

EP: Educational Psychologist

HI: Hearing Impairment

IEP: Individual Education Plan

LA: Local Authority

MLD: Moderate Learning Difficulty

MSI: Multi-Sensory Impairment

OT: Occupational Therapy/Therapist

PD: Physical Disability

PMLD: Profound and Multiple Learning Difficulties

PR: Parental Responsibility

PT: Physiotherapy/Physiotherapist

SALT/SLT: Speech and Language Therapy/Therapist

SEN: Special Educational Needs

SEND: Special Educational Need and Disabilities

SENDCo: Special Educational Needs & Disabilities Co-ordinator

SENDIST: Special Educational Needs and Disability Tribunals

SLCN: Speed, Language & Communication Needs

SLD: Severe Learning Difficulties

SpLD: Specific Learning Difficulties

TA: Teaching Assistant

VI: Visual Impairment